Sex on the reefs with Emperor Divers' Eco-safaris.


Learn all about corals and reef ecology, fish and fish ecology, sex on the reefs, sharks and reef conservation.


Emperor Divers has launched a new Eco-dive safari, which will teach guests the fundamentals of underwater ecosystems and why marine life behaves the way it does.Why, for instance, are some fish monogamous and others polygamous - and why should that affect their coloring?


Leading the trips will be Bent Christensen, an associate professor at the University of Umeå, Sweden. He has a PhD in fish ecology and is also involved in research projects in Sabah, Borneo. Bent has been diving in tropical waters since 1998.


A typical Eco-safari day includes an introductory-level lecture, three dives focused on the subject of the day and an informal evening de-brief and picture show. The pace of dives will be relaxed and at moderate depths to allow guests time to study, enjoy and photograph their subjects; ideal for learning about eco-systems and photo techniques.


Dive sites include Elphinstone (for sharks), Shaab Sataya (for dolphins), Shaab Claude, El Malahi, Umm Aruk and Abu Ralahib (St John's Caves).


All Eco-safaris sail on Emperor Fleet liveaboard, Emperor Asmaa, offering air-con ensuite cabins and salon, a large dive deck and sun deck plus lighter luggage as each guest receives two towels and a bathrobe!


Photographs courtesy of Emperor Divers

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