"Top Side" Activities and Adventures

Below are just some of the activities and attractions that await you in Curacao. We will be happy to arrange any of these and more to complete your customized itinerary. Please contact us for more information.


This is the first and biggest park in the hands of Carmabi. A park with beautiful domestic flora and fauna, but also rich in culture and history. Guide tours, iguana tours and jeep tours are available upon request.


This is the first and biggest park in the hands of Carmabi. A park with beautiful domestic flora and fauna, but also rich in culture and history. Guide tours, iguana tours and jeep tours are available upon request.


This site is an excellent example of how numerous places on Curacao were used at different times for very different purposes. First in the late 17th century an African slave camp was established here by Dutch slave traders. During that period the site was used as a holding camp for slaves and a place to have the Africans regain their health after their importation from Africa and before being sold. Second, in the late 19th century, after emancipation of the African slaves the wealthy Gorsira family as owners of Landhouse Zuurzak, rebuilt a recreational swan park at the place. This park consisted of numerous ornamental water fountains, additions to the large well, and building of the impressive entrance bridge.


At the Dolphin Academy Curaçao visitors get the opportunity to meet dolphins and swim, snorkel or even dive with these special animals in 6 different programs. There are suiting programs for everybody! For a first meeting there is the Dolphin Encounter, a program for all ages. In this program visitors get to know the dolphin up close and personal while they are standing on a platform in the water about waist deep. The trainer will tell all about the dolphin, who off course will thank the visitors for al their attention and petting with a big kiss and a hug.

 For the ultimate experience there is the Dolphin Swim. This program offers a unique experience where the dolphin will come swimming next to the participant so he/her can pet it. The swimmers will also give signals to the dolphins, who will start singing, spinning, waving and much more. Highlight of the Dolphin Swim is the Dorsal Ride where two dolphins will pick up the swimmers and give her or him a ride by holding on to their dorsal fins.

 For those who want to submerge themselves in the world of dolphins there are the Dolphin Snorkel and even a Dolphin Open Water Dive in which participants will dive on a beautiful coral reef together with the dolphins. For the real fanatics Dolphin Academy offers the chance to become a dolphin trainer. In two courses, one for children and one for adults, the students, apart from learning about the dolphins, will also get the first principles of dolphin training. The courses consist of 2 levels, spread over 2 or 3 days.


The Hato Caves were formed below the sea level millions of years ago. With the Ice Ages the water level dropped down and Curacao was born. The Hato cave covers an area of 4900 m2, and is the home to the beautiful limestone formations, romantic pools, waterfall and the famous Madonna statue. Also inside the Cave is a colony of Seldon seen long nose fruit bats.


Hofi di Pastor is known for its unique vegetation amongst others the oldest tree in Curacao ( Kapok). The park offers the opportunity for picnic or camping, hiking and walking trails.


The Curaçao Ostrich Farm is not only one of the biggest farms in the Caribbean; it’s even one of the biggest outside of Africa. It offers an interesting view at how ostriches live and breed. You can take a look around the farm with a population of over 600 birds. Or take a guided tour around the farm and find out all there is to know about these magnificent birds. You will see little one-day-old chicks to big adult birds over 8 years old. Hold an Ostrich egg, stroke a little baby chick and much more. After the tour you can buy plain or decorated ostrich eggs or choose from a few other souvenirs. The farm’s Zambezi restaurant serves African style food, including ostrich meat of course, and South African wines and liqueurs.  

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