"Top Side" Activities and Adventures

Below are just some of the activities and attractions that await you in Tobago. We will be happy to arrange any of these and more to complete your customized itinerary. Please contact us for more information.


The vistas you will experience here are stunning - crashing ocean views on the Atlantic side, calmer bays on the more sheltered side of the island. On Tobago's meandering trails you can breathe in the salty, fresh air, stop a moment to catch a glimpse of the teeming wildlife - and then set off again, paying attention to the undulating trail before you.


Great opportunities abound for game fishing enthusiasts visiting our shores from mid-November to May as this is the time that White Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellow-Fin Tuna, Swordfish and Dolphin are in abundance. Between October and December, Wahoo especially is profuse along Trinidad's East Coast, in an area measuring over 1800 square miles.

The waters around Tobago teem with life in April. An endless variety of fish are present during this period, so look out for the White Marlins that dominate the waters between a three-rock formation called "The Sisters" (located on the leeward side of island) as well as two small, uninhabited islands called "The Giles."


Tobago has a few lovely hiking trails - you just have to know where to look! There is a trail along the island's North Coast that starts at Castara and takes you all the way through to Englishman's Bay (about a day's worth of walking) and then on to the sleepy village of Charlotteville. Along the way, you will find wonderfully large bird populations that will be worth the walk!

Argyle Waterfall is also an easy trek that rewards you with a beautiful waterfall to swim in - it is an especially popular hiking location for locals and visitors alike.

In various parts of Tobago, you will find Mother Nature at her finest! The Main Forest Ridge is the oldest reserve in the Western Hemisphere, protected since 1765. Here you'll find flora and fauna in all their splendor and a seemingly endless number of hiking trails to explore.


Paddle about an hour across by kayak, or else take a tour with a local professional to Little Tobago Island, which is the breeding ground for many protected birds. Once there, you can spend the day hiking, bird watching and enjoying the unique ambience. About 58 species of birds thrive on this island Plymouth and Black Rock - A sight to behold, the nesting of the leatherback turtle on these beaches along Tobago's northwest coast - this nesting ritual can also be witnessed in Trinidad along several North and East Coast beaches - nesting season is from April to July.

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